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GridPortalToolkit is a client application in support of GRIDportal. The toolkit aids a user through the process of obtaining access to GRIDportal by supplying the following functions:
The client is implemented in java and should therefore run on just about any platform. GridPortalToolkit is based heavily on the cog-jglobus library.

GridPortalToolkit is distributed under the GPL licence.

Martin Matusiak - GridPortalToolkit project manager




Download a binary release:
To download the latest source version of GridPortalToolkit, use subversion to check out the files from the repository.

$ svn checkout

Source code repository

To browse the source code repository, use one of the following methods:


API documentation



9 August 2006, Martin Matusiak:

+++ v1.0.2 bugfix

Improved certificate [request] detection.
Added utility to read all certificate files outside of the

20 October 2005, Martin Matusiak:

+++ bugfix

Disabled setting look and feel to gtk on linux, apparently it breaks on exotic

4 October 2005, Martin Matusiak:

+++ v1.0.0 bugfix

A tiny but crucial bug had snuck into the certificate creation code, causing
the private key password to be set incorrectly. Now fixed for release 1.0.0.

26 September 2005, Martin Matusiak:

+++ Release 1.0.0 ready

All the planned features have been implemented and the code is released in 
version 1.0.0.
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